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About Me

My name is Karina. I came to Malta in 1983, after completing a Tourist Guide Course withing the Ministry of Tourism in Malta, I became a licensed guide and since 1985 I work as a tourist guide. During all these years I was working with organised groups – conference and incentives, and also with individual tourists – in Malta and Gozo, sister island. In all those years I also graduated from Maltese University- Faculty of International Affairs and am a licensed interpreter/translator for Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
 If you decided to visit our unique island, rich in history and many historical, architectural places of interest, many of which are protected by UNESCO as World Heritage sites, it will be my great pleasure to show you the most interesting and picturesque famous places in Malta. Tours could be designed according to the programme that I will be glad to offer, as well as personally designed tours according to you interests and wishes. Special programmes can be offered considering interests of little tourists, including visits of various interactive shows, wax museums, toy factory and other exciting places.

You will discover for yourselves many historical places of interest, as well as interesting aspects of history and traditions of this small, but very interesting island.

Welcome to Malta, island that cannot leave you unmoved, and I will take every effort, so your memory about it will remain unforgettable!

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